Saturday, July 11, 2009

Deep River of Song- Mississippi - The Blues Lineage

Deep River of Song- Mississippi - The Blues Lineage
Genre: Blues
Size: 80.88 MB
The public library is great for many things, the best being the access to free music that you may have not bothered to listen to if you were to see it in a music store, or would never had known it existed. This album is the latter. I had never seen this collection before in the local stores, and I must say that I feel terrible for overlooking it. A great collection of Mississippi talent is on this album, from the better known Willie Brown, Eddie "Son" House and Muddy Waters, to lesser known artists like Frank Evans and Willie Ford. A good album to soak up that Mississippi sound.

1. Ragged and Dirty - William Brown
2. Mississippi Blues - William Brown
3. County Farm Blues - Eddie "Son" House
4. High-Rolling Sergeant - Sam Carter, Jim Mickles, Eddie Miles, Jack Rogers
5. Early in the Morning - Hollis "Fat Head" Washington
6. The Jinx Blues (No. 2) - Eddie "Son" House
7. I Be Bound to Write to You - McKinley Morganfield ("Muddy Waters")
8. You Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone - McKinley Morganfield ("Muddy Waters")
9. Wind Howlin' Blues - David "Honeyboy" Edwards
10. High Lonesome Hill - Lucious Curtis, Willie Ford
11. Payday - Willie Ford, Lucious Curtis
12. Train Blues - Lucious Curtis
13. Santa Field Blues - Willie Ford
14. Low Down Dirty Dog Blues - Son House
15. Red River Blues - Frank Evans
16. Walking Blues - Eddie "Son" House, Fiddlin' Joe Martin, Willie Brown, Leroy Williams