Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Temptations - Psychedelic Shack

The Temptations - Psychedelic Shack
Genre: Soul, R&B, Psychedelic
Size: 68.13 MB

This is the album that changed The Temptations forever. Gone are songs like "My Girl" and "Since I Lost My Baby." Now there is a more relaxed, dark mood formed by these songs. There is still a feeling of hopelessness in some of the songs, but it's not caused by a woman. It's caused by themselves, through what they did. Coming into the psychedelic culture created the eerie "Take A Stroll Through Your Mind" with it's echoing repetition of lyrics. "It's Summer" still has the feel of early Temptations, but at the same time it's different. Whatever it is, this is definitely not an album to miss.

1. Psychedelic Shack
2. You Make Your Own Heaven and Hell Right Here on Earth
3. Hum Along and Dance
4. Take a Stroll Thru Your Mind
5. It's Summer
6. War
7. You Need Love Like I Do (Don't You)
8. Friendship Train


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SnakerRay Fan said...

thanks i love the psychedelic sound of this era Temptations, and appreciate this muchly