Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blind Melon - Soup

Blind Melon - Soup
Genre: Alternative Rock / College Rock
Size: 103.92 MB

If Blind Melon's self-titled was the epitome of the 90's hippie, then Soup is the complete opposite. No more happy, optimistic lyrics. No more upbeat sounds. This album right here shows the darker side of Blind Melon, with a bit of humor thrown in just for fun.

Soup opens with "Galaxie," containing various brass instruments, as well as a snare drum playing to a marching beat. This lasts for a good minute, and then busts into their signature laid back, but still rockin' sound.

The albums continues with the punchy "2x4," a song about Shannon Hoon's drug detox. After that it's "Vernie," a slow, mesmerizing sound mixed with distorted guitars and funky bass. It goes to the darker, but in a way humorous, song "Skinned." Concerning infamous Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein, it disturbing lyrics mixed with banjo, and later on kazoo sets an eerie and makes you want to look over your shoulder for Mr. Gein.

On we go to "Toes Across the Floor," which goes from quiet and brooding, to loud and jammin'. "Walk" once again has the funky bass, and great acoustic guitar work. "Dump Truck" starts off as a hard, funky beat but suddenly goes quiet, only to be picked up again.

And now, I don't feel like writing anymore. (:P) It's too bad, too, the rest of the album is probably the best part.So I'll just say this: this is an amazing album by an amazing band, and it's too bad they couldn't make any more.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?m2v0nzmmtjm